Privacy / Disclaimer

Bitrequest does not hold your funds or has access to your funds. It monitors addresses entered in the App.
Bitrequest is a tool for accepting cryptocurrencies. It’s not possible to send any funds.

Data storage

Bitrequest does not connect to a central database. All data gets stored locally on the users device.
Bitrequest does not store any personal data.

Bitrequest stores the following data locally on your device:

  • Addresses
  • Transaction data (Value, Transaction date, Transaction hash, Confirmations)
  • Settings
  • Bip39 secret phrase (if generated)*

**The Bip39 12-word secret phrase gets generated and stored securely on your device and is not accessible by third parties.*

Network access

Bitrequest requests full network access in order to fetch data such as exchangerates and transactiondata from various public APIs and block explorers (Coinmarketcap, Coinpaprika, Coingecko, Fixer, Currencylayer, Exchangeratesapi, Blockcypher, Ethplorer, Blockchair, Infura, Amberdata, Bitly, Firebase).

Backups with google drive

You can opt-in to save your app data in your google drive by logging in to your google account.
This will allow Bitrequest to backup and restore using the appdata folder in google drive. Google drive access is restricted to this folder only. No other (personal) data is accessible.

Url shorteners

To give a better user experience when sharing requests, request-urls get shortened by default.
Default service is Google Firebase. Secondary is This means the original request url gets stored by these services. The original request url contains the following data:

  • payment
  • uoa (unit of account)
  • amount
  • address
  • d (data: a base64 encoded object containing name, description, date and confirmations)

If you want more privacy you can disable url shortenig in your settings. Or alternatively you can enter your API key which allows you to shorten urls with your own account.

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