Create request link

This tool will help you create request links. At the same time it will display code for generating request-links programmatically.
You can also paste an existing request link to decode.

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Data: (optional)
Meta: (optional)
Object / Array
Add Keypair
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Url format

Base url:

Get parameters:
payment: cryptocurrency name (string)
uoa: unit of account (string)
amount: amount (number)
address: cryptocurrency address (string)
d: data (json object) --> stringified + base64 encoded (Optional)
t: request title (string)
n: request name (string)
c: confirmations (number)
pid: Payment ID (required for lightning network)
// Lightning network:
imp: Lightning implementation (lnd / eclair / c-lightning / lnbits)
proxy: Lightning proxy server (url / lnurl)
// Monero:
vk: XMR Viewkey (string)
m: meta (string / array / object) --> stringified + base64 encoded (Optional)
contactform: Show contactform on checkout (boolean) (Optional)
exact: Only accept exact matching amounts (boolean) (Optional)
showqr: Show qr side of request when opened (Optional)



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